New Members & Award Recipients


Congratulations to the Fellows Who Recently Passed Exams

Clinical Biochemical Genetics
  • Iman Abumansour
  • Amal Al Teneiji Malak
  • Alghamdi Ruqaiah
  • Altassan
  • Marisa Chard
  • Enas Nasr
  • Gerda Sylvia Stockler-Ipsiroglu
Laboratory Biochemical Genetics
  • Lauren MacNeil
  • Kathleen Bone
  • Daria Grafodatskaya
  • Melanie Lacaria<
  • France Léveillé
  • Guergana Tchakarska
  • Maisa Yoshimoto
Molecular Genetics
  • Nick Antonishyn
  • Heleen Arts
  • Michelle Axford
  • Karen Bedard
  • José-Mario Capo-chichi
  • Kristin Kernohan
  • Christian Marshall
  • Olena Morozova
  • Shamini Selvarajah
  • Adam Smith
  • Christine Tyson
  • Andrea Vaags
Dual Specialty:
Cytogenetics & Molecular Genetics
  • Catalina Maftei Bucioaca
  • Andrew Muranyi
 43rd Annual Scientific Meeting Held Jointly with the CAP-ACP (1976 - 2019)

President's Message

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As we come to the end of 2018, it is an opportunity to look back on the success of the CCMG over the past year and reflect on how the College can continue to improve in 2019. 

As you know, the CCMG Board had sent a strategic directions survey to the membership in September to capture the input of CCMG members on what the CCMG Board and the College has done well, and what we can improve going forward. The input from the 76 respondents (representing 25% of the total CCMG membership) provided excellent input and suggestions for the CCMG Board to consider in shaping our initiatives over the next year. 

In particular, the respondents indicated that the top three priorities that the CCMG should focus on over the next few years were, in order of highest importance:

  • Having an effective training, certification and examination process
  • Developing national best practice policy statements
  • Providing quality education for our members, trainees, the public and our profession

Other themes from the survey results were the importance of the new CCMG initiative in providing a merged cytogenetic-molecular laboratory training program, a desire for more educational activities and including enhanced training in molecular pathology, and increasing the CCMG collaboration with other national organizations.  The CCMG Board is using the results of the strategy survey to help inform decisions as we plan for new CCMG activities in 2019, and we greatly appreciate all of the very useful information that was provided.

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