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Our Mission

The voice of medical genetics in Canada

CCMG is a national Canadian organization that serves its members, governments, and the public by:

  • Certifying individuals who provide medical genetics services
  • Establishing the professional and ethical standards of medical genetics services
  • Establishing standards of medical genetics training
  • Providing professional and public education
  • Informing public policy

Our Values

We strive for Excellence and uphold the principles of equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging in all we do.


We demonstrate Leadership through:

  • Having a responsible certification process
  • Driving public policy
  • Advocating for our profession
  • Providing quality education for our members, trainees, the public and our profession
  • Encouraging and fostering collaborative Canadian research


We hold ourselves to the highest Ethical standards by:

  • Having integrity in all we do
  • Holding the public/patient interest foremost in our practices
  • Having a fair, open and transparent certification process


We are Inclusive by:

  • Supporting our members
  • Valuing partnerships and collaboration
  • Encouraging participation
  • Valuing cohesion as well as differences and diversity
  • Having effective communication

Critical Success Factors

  1. A growing, effective, committed and engaged membership.
  2. A recognized, respected and active role in forming public policy for genetics in medicine.
  3. The high value that hospitals, academic institutions and provincial health care systems place on CCMG certified individuals.
  4. An organization with sustainable financial resources.
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