CCMG Board of Directors 101

Curious or intrigued about becoming a Director?  
Here are some frequently asked questions that will hopefully entice you to nominate someone you know or agree to be nominated yourself.

Who are the Directors? 
There are 8 Directors who represent the breadth of the College membership.  At any one time, there are representatives from the various laboratory and clinical disciplines as well as from diverse regions across Canada. 

What are the qualifications for becoming a Director? 
If you are a Fellow of the College in good standing, who is interested in playing an active role in furthering the mission of the CCMG then you are Director material! 

Some previous experience on one or more of the various CCMG Committees is helpful. 

What DO Directors DO?
The CCMG is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization with a BIG mission.  We:

  • Certify individuals who provide medical genetics services
  • Establish the professional and ethical standards of medical genetics services
  • Establish standards of medical genetics training
  • Provide professional and public education
  • Inform public policy

As such Directors are responsible for setting direction (hence the term ‘director’) and ensuring that these functions are carried out to the highest standards, in a fiscally responsible way.  All decisions of the Board are made by consensus or by majority vote.  Examples of Board activities can be found in the minutes posted on the CCMG website.   

What are the expectations of a Director? 
Directors are elected for a 4-year term; however, they may serve additional time as an Officer (see below).  Directors generally meet once per month via teleconference and are expected to attend, in person, the AGM where face-to-face Board meetings are held. 

Directors are also the liaison for communication between CCMG Committees and the Board.  Each Director is the Board Representative to one or more CCMG committees for which they are responsible.  Board Reps are expected to keep abreast of committee business through inclusion on all correspondence and by attending meetings.

What is the time commitment for Directors? 
The Board of Directors meets monthly by teleconference, typically for 1.5 ours. Board representative work may take another 1 – 2 hours per week depending on how busy the committee is and the cyclical nature of some committee activities.   A fully engaged Director can probably expect to spend roughly one full day-equivalent per month

Who are the Officers?
The Officers of our ‘corporation’ (aka CCMG) are the President, the President-Elect, the Secretary and the Treasurer elected by the membership for a two-year term. These officers are also Directors.  After you have been a director for one year, you may aspire to higher office and would be eligible to become the President-Elect. 

Remuneration of Directors
As per our By-laws:  Directors shall not receive any stated remuneration for their services, but, by resolution of the Board of Directors, expenses of their attendance at each regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors may be reimbursed to them.

This is a completely voluntary position as are all the CCMG committees and chairs.  However, you will earn the respect and deep gratitude of your CCMG colleagues.  Plus demonstrating service at a national level is an important component of your CV when it comes time for promotion reviews!