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Trainee Education & Career Development Day

Trainee Education & Career Development Day

Morning Concurrent Specialty-Specific Sessions
0845-1130 CCMG Laboratory
0845-0930 How to Fit Research in the Life of a Busy Clinical Scientist
Dr.  Jillian Parboosingh

Test Development
Dr. Ryan Lamont

  • Business Aspects of Test Development
  • How to Develop the Test
  • Downstream Impacts of New Test Development
1000-1030 Break  

Panel Presentation - Different Types of Practices (Canadian Academic Center, Non-Academic Center, Industry)


CCMG Clinic

0845-0930 How to Fit Research in the Busy Life of a Clinician
Dr. Mike Innes

Teaching Beyond the Traditional Didactic Lecture
Dr. Karen Niederhoffer

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  1. Suggest three modifications to help improve the "traditional" didactic lecture
  2. Contrast the  pros and cons of the traditional didactic lecture
  3. List three alternatives to the didactic lecture and identify when these may be useful modes of instructions
  4. Identify resources for improving medical teaching
  5. Create meaningful objectives
1000-1030 Break  
1030-1130 Overview of Different Career Tracks for a Medical Geneticist
Dr. Francois Bernier
Afternoon Joint Sessions

How to Write Your CV
Dr. Julie Richer

1245-1330 Small Group Discussion
  • One CV per group will be reviewed as a case example for the entire small group to learn.
  • Trainees will be asked to send their CV ahead of time and each mentor will pick different sections of CVs as examples.  Expectation is that if a trainee sends their CV in advance, part of their CV may receive feedback (not to expect feedback on their entire CV).  If they do not send their CV in advance, they will not receive feedback.
1330-1345 Regroup: what is the main point to take home in your group?  
1345-1400 Break  
1400-1430 The Fundamentals of Planning a Research Project: Scientific Design, REB, Funding, Staffing
Dr. David Dyment  & Dr. Kym Boycott

How to Give a Great Poster Presentation at a Conference
Dr. Kristin Kernohan & Ms. Kathryn Vaillancourt

1500-1530 Break  
1530-1630 Insight Into Editorial Board Process
Dr. Nada Jabado, associate editor of the Journal of Medical Genetics.