Certifying Examination


  1. Examinations are held every two years, on the even years.
  2. Candidates who are already fellows of the CCMG (FCCMG) or of the Royal College (FRCPC) in Medical Genetics and who are sitting another Specialty Examination will be exempt from writing the General Knowledge Examination.
  3. Candidates must undergo Credentialing and must register for the Examination before being allowed to sit the examinations
  4. Examinations will be available in both official languages and candidates may choose to respond in either language.  Candidates must declare their preferred language at the time of registration for the examination cycle. 
  5. Special Accommodations for Applicants with a Disability are to contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Applicants requesting special accommodations during the certifying examinations must check the Application for Special Accommodations box on the application form and request the application for special accommodations.  Applicants must complete and submit the Application for Special Accommodations to the Administrative Office. Applicants requesting reasonable accommodations because of disabilities must provide appropriate documentation of the disability and specify the extent to which the standard testing procedures need to be modified.
  6. Both sets of examinations (General and Specialty) must be passed within a certain timeframe and the Credentials Committee must give final approval of the training program for admission into the CCMG as a Fellow. Results of the examinations are available 4 weeks after the Specialty exams.
  7. Candidates who are unsuccessful on the General Exam but who PASS the Specialty Exam will NOT be required to re-write the Specialty exam (within the overall time limit above).
  8. Candidates who are unsuccessful on the Specialty Exam but who PASS the General Exam will NOT be required to re-write the General exam (within the overall time limit above).

General Knowledge Examination

The General Knowledge Examination is a multiple choice written examination, written by all candidates (see above for exemptions). Generally this is administered at your training site several weeks before the Specialty-specific examinations. The results of the General Knowledge Examination are not available until after the Specialty examinations are completed. See the Genetics Conditions List and CCMG General Knowledge Study Guide for guidance as to the scope of the examination.

Specialty Examination

The Specialty Examination is administered at or near the site of the CCMG Annual Scientific Meeting, generally immediately before the meeting. It is specific for each discipline (Cytogenetics, Molecular genetics, Biochemical Genetics). Laboratory and Clinical BCG sub-disciplines share a single exam, although there are components of the exam that will be specific to the sub-discipline. The Specialty exams have a written component and an Objective Structured Laboratory/Practical Examination (OSLE/OSPE). All components of the exam are considered in determining the pass/fail status for the Specialty exam. See the Training documents for each specialty for guidance as to the scope of the examination.


General Written Examination:

  • Administered at your local training site, generally several weeks before the Specialty exams.
  • 3-hour evaluation using multiple choice questions to evaluate content based on the general knowledge study guide.
  • All MCQs will have single response answers with 4 – 5 options/distracters.

Specialty Examination:

  • Administered at a site near the annual CCMG Scientific Meeting, generally immediately before the meeting.
    • Part 1: Written 
      • 3-hour written examination using short-answer and longer-answer questions to evaluate knowledge/theory content based on the objectives in the Specialty Training Guidelines.
      • Some questions may involve interpretation of complex data/analysis.
    • Part 2: Objective Structured Laboratory/Practical Examination (OSLE/OSPE) stations:
      • 3-4 hour examination to assess skills (technical, analysis, communication, management etc.) based on objectives from the Specialty Training Guidelines
      • Each station will be 15-30 minutes in duration, and the exam will consist of 6-8 stations. Tasks at each station will be designed to fit the allotted time.