Mock OSLEs

At the request of the CCMG Board, and in collaboration with several members of the CCMG, mock OSLE exams have been developed to provide CCMG trainees practice in this exam format prior to sitting certifying OSLE examinations. Mock OSLE questions have been developed for practice exams in biochemical genetics, molecular genetics and cytogenetics.

The mock OSLE examinations have been developed at arm’s length from the examinations committee and are meant to provide examples of this examination format; the content of the mock OSLEs were developed using the content of the subspecialty Training Guidelines but are not necessarily be representative of actual content on the certifying OSLE examination. Participation in the mock OSLEs is not required for CCMG trainees, but is encouraged as part of routine examination preparations.

The date for administration of the practice OSLE will be at each center’s discretion once the stations have been made available.  Please note that multiple rooms may need to be reserved for administration of the mock OSLE exams depending on the number of trainees participating.

For each OSLE station, the candidate will be provided with a case scenario and then asked a series of scripted questions related to that scenario. As this is an oral examination, if the practice OSLE is being administered to more than one candidate at a time, then separate room(s) or office(s) should be reserved so that two or more candidates are not being examined in the same room at the same time.

***Please note, the contents of the practice OSLE are confidential.  The contents of the practice OSLE should not be shared with individuals other than the program director and examiners without expressed permission of the CCMG.***