The CCMG recognizes the equivalency of ABMGG specialty training toward CCMG-accredited training.

Applicants for CCMG credentialing who have received medical genetics training in an ABMGG-accredited program must also meet all applicable credentialing requirements of the CCMG. Individuals trained in an ABMGG-accredited training program, but who are not yet ABMGG certified, may also apply to the CCMG for certification.

Applicants for CCMG certification must submit all required documentation as specified in the Credentials section. Cases obtained from an ABMGG-accredited training program are acceptable and must be submitted in the CCMG logbook format.

Potential applicants are advised to review the relevant CCMG training guidelines in order to ensure that all elements of the CCMG training program requirements have been met. The CCMG may require additional information and/or training to ensure that all CCMG credentialing requirements are met.

Applicants are responsible to the CCMG for the full credentials application fee, examination fee(s), and any other application fees and deadlines identified by the CCMG.

CCMG-ABMGG Letter of Understanding