Certifying Examinations through the CCMG

CCMG Clinical/Laboratory Biochemical Genetics, Cytogenetics, Genetic and Genomic Diagnostics, and Molecular Genetics candidates:

Examination Deferral Process

Candidates have 5 years from the completion of training and final credentialling to successfully pass their examination; a deferral does not change this timeframe. After the five-year time period, or two unsuccessful examination attempts, remedial training and re-credentialing must occur prior to sitting the examination again.

Candidates requesting an examination deferral should do so by completing the Examination Deferral Form and sending it to the CCMG office.  The deadline to request an examination deferral with refund (minus the administration fee of $300) is up to and including March 15th of the examination year. The CCMG office will not refund registration fees for deferral requests submitted after March 15th.  Any late examination registration fees (i.e., applied to registrations received between January 16th and February 15th) will be non-refundable.

Candidates are wholly responsible for submitting all documentation for credentialing as per the CCMG credentialling guidelines and timelines, as well as registering for the examination by the posted deadline.

Examination Deferral Form

Certifying Examinations through the Royal College

See Refunds, withdrawals and deferrals on the Royal College Exam Days FAQs webpage for additional information.