Eligibility to sit CCMG examinations is determined by the Credentials Committee after review of the candidate’s completed application and supporting documents.

The following requirements and guidelines apply to candidates who received training in CCMG-accredited training programs.

The candidate must have successfully completed a CCMG-accredited training program in their chosen specialty by June 30 of the year of examination. The deadline for submission of the Credentials application is August 1 of the year prior to the examination year. The FITER needs to be submitted to the Office by June 1st for those writing the exam in an exam year.  The remaining documentation, including any ITERs for rotations completed by June 30, should be submitted by JULY 15th for those same individuals.

For information regarding deadlines, see Timeline and Important Dates section.

Application for a second specialty examination. Candidates who wish to take a second subspecialty examination must submit a new credentials application specific to the second specialty.

Duration of credentials approval. The credentials application is approved for two examination cycles. A credentialed individual has five years from the end of training to succeed in the CCMG Examinations. After the five-year time period or two unsuccessful examination attempts, remedial training and re-credentialing must occur prior to sitting the examination again. Please refer to the CCMG website for details of remedial training requirements.

Recognition of other training programs.
ABMGG. Candidates trained in an ABMGG-accredited training program may be eligible for credentialing and examination in the CCMG. Additional information is available in the ABMGG-Accredited Programs section.
RCPSC. Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) in Medical Genetics and Genomics who have successfully passed the RCPS examinations are eligible for Clinical Genetics fellowship within the CCMG without examination. Additional information is available in the RCPSC Medical Genetics and Genomics Route Applications section. Candidates seeking credentialing in the other specialties must comply with the standard CCMG training and credentialing requirements.

Exceptional Route. The Exceptional Route for credentialing in the CCMG applies to individuals meeting specific requirements and with training in medical genetics outside a CCMG- or ABMGG-accredited training program. Information regarding the specific requirements and the application process are available in the Exceptional Route Applications section.