The Exceptional Route of membership in the CCMG applies to individuals with training in medical genetics outside of CCMG- or ABMGG-accredited training programs.

The exceptional route is intended for review of credentials of foreign trained geneticists hired into employment in Medical Genetics at a Canadian centre. It is restricted to Canadian citizens or landed immigrants.

Application Requirements

The application must be accompanied by a letter of support from the chairperson of the Fellowship Committee of a CCMG centre accredited for training in the relevant specialty. This letter must state that:

i) the centre has examined the applicant’s education, training and experience
ii) the centre has identified any areas where it believes further education, training or experience may be required
iii) the centre is willing to take responsibility for ensuring that any such identified requirements will be met
iv) the chairperson agrees with the information contained in the application

For applicants having completed a non-accredited training, that training must have been in the relevant specialty and will in large part have to have been of demonstrable equivalence to the CCMG training program. The training also must have been appropriately supervised.

In addition, the application must be reviewed and signed by two senior academic or hospital based colleagues with whom the applicant is professionally associated. These should be members of the CCMG.

While training and practice experience will be the most important determinants, other activities including scholarly, administrative and teaching of medical genetics will be used by the Credentials Committee as it assesses the overall breadth of commitment of individuals to the relevant specialty.

It is the responsibility of the Credentials Committee to give approval for the candidates to be examined, as for any other applicant. Certification will require successful completion of relevant examinations.

Application Forms

Application for Assessment of Credentials by Exception – Biochemical Genetics Download :  – PDF format

Application for Assessment of Credentials by Exception – Clinical Genetics Download :  – PDF format

Application for Assessment of Credentials by Exception – Cytogenetics Download :  – PDF format

Application for Assessment of Credentials by Exception – Molecular Genetics Download :  – PDF format