The practice OSLE were designed for each of the subspecialties and therefore are best suited to be marked by someone also trained in the subspecialty being examined. However, it is recognized that a Fellow with certification in each of the subspecialties may not be available at all sites to administer the practice OSLE. If there isn’t a suitable subspecialist at a center to administer the exam, then other medical or lab colleagues may also be helpful for administration.

The biochemical genetics practice OSLE is suitable for trainees in both clinical and laboratory biochemical genetics training programs. Some of the questions are split (one for lab and one for clinical BG) to allow appropriate questions based on whether training was performed in a clinical versus laboratory program.

  1. Practice OSCE stations have not been developed as these practice examinations are already in place within many of the accredited clinical genetics training programs. The Clinical Genetics Practice OSCE are often not available to clinical laboratory fellows as they are generally designed for examination of Clinical Genetics-specific competencies, rather than “general medical genetics knowledge”. The goal of the practice CCMG OSLE are to provide the laboratory trainees with opportunities to better understand the format of this new oral examination and to support the laboratory trainee’s successful examination.

The practice OSLEs were developed with existing CCMG training guidelines in mind and may not be suitable for other laboratory medicine specialties