Royal College Exam information

CCMG Trainees planning to write the Spring Royal College Exam must first have submitted their credentialling documents prior to submitting their name to the CCMG office to be registered with the Royal College. Visit the Timeline and Important dates page for details.

The CCMG office must receive the following information by September 1 each year in order to forward your request to the Royal College:

  • Name
  • MD
  • Training University
  • Email address

The Royal College will set up an account on their system and reach out to the candidate for next steps.

Deadline to register for the Spring exams is November 4, 2023

Clinical Genetics

Spring regional written centres

Deadline to register for exams
  • Spring exams
    November 4 of the year before you write the exam
  • Fall exams
    April 15 of the year you write the exam
Deadline to request exam accommodation The registration deadline of Nov 4 (year before exam) for spring exams or April 15 for fall exams.
Deadline to request changes to exam language or location
  • Spring exams: January 15
  • Fall exams: June 15
Deadline to withdraw from exams 20 business days before the first component of the exam, 50% of the exam fees will be refunded. Otherwise, no refund will be provided.
Spring exam dates Spring specialty examination schedule for 2024
Fall exam dates Fall specialty examination schedule for 2024
Deadline to request a formal review 30 days after the date on the Summary of Performance.
Deadline to request a renewal of eligibility
  • Spring exams: July 20
  • Fall exams: November 30