Information About The CCMG Written Specialty Examination

The Canadian College of Medical Geneticists Written Specialty Examination for Clinical/Laboratory Biochemical Genetics, Cytogenetics, Genetic and Genomic Diagnostics, and Molecular Genetics candidates is written in the spring of every even year (i.e., two-year cycle), after the General Examination. The purpose of this examination is to test for theoretical knowledge as it relates to a candidate’s chosen subspecialty. The examination is designed to ensure that each candidate has obtained a standard minimum competency to practice in their respective subspecialty.

What To Expect For The Written Examination

About two weeks prior to the examination, the candidate will receive a letter stating the examination location and time. The examination length is 3 hours.

On the day of the examination, the candidate will be asked to check-in with the examination proctor 30 minutes prior to the start time with government-issued photo identification. A pencil or pen and a non-programmable electronic calculator will also be required. Scrap paper will be provided in the examination room. The candidate may bring in a bottle of water; however, the candidate should refrain from bringing in snacks as this causes a disturbance to the other candidates in the room. All other possessions must be left at the front of the room with the proctor.

Candidates will be provided with the question booklet along with blank answer booklets. Ensure all of the answer booklets have your candidate ID number on them. If the French version of the examination was previously requested, the English version will also be provided for reference. The examination will be composed of either single or multi-part questions, and may require either a short or long answer based on what has been requested and how many marks the question is worth. At times a candidate may be given an option regarding which question(s) to answer (e.g., answer either question 1 or 2); therefore, candidates should read all instructions carefully. As the examination is long, it is recommended that candidates pace themselves, ensuring they have left adequate time to answer all questions. Handwriting should be as neat as possible, as illegible writing will not be marked. The question booklet and scrap paper will be collected and shredded by the proctor immediately following the examination and will not be marked unless specifically indicated for a given question as stated in the exam booklet.

Candidates will receive their pass/fail status approximately four weeks after the examinations are completed. Each Written Specialty Examination question is assigned a competency cut-off to ensure that the passing grade reflects minimum competency; therefore, the passing grade will not necessarily be the same from one year’s examination to another.

Dates and location for the next Exam cycle can be found on the CCMG Examination Information and Registration Form page.