Can-GARD/CCMG – The Leading Strand Series April 2023

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This series is for genetics health professionals led by the Canadian College of Medical Genetics and co-sponsored by Can-GARD. Speakers will be translation-focused researchers, clinicians and innovators.  The series will help attendees anticipate, access, and apply new approaches and technologies for patient care.

Tandem DNA Repeat Expands our Understanding of Complex Disorders


  • Identify tandem repeat expansions from short-read genome sequence data.
  • Assess the contribution of tandem repeat expansions in complex disorders.
  • Consider analyzing tandem repeats in other genetic disorders.

Identification of genetic risk factors has provided important information on understanding the functional pathways involved in many of complex disorders. However, the contributing genetic factors identified in many complex disorders so far generally confer less risk than expected from the empirical estimates of their heritability. Tandem DNA repeats make up around 6% of the human genome and have been associated with more than 50 monogenic disorders, but their involvement in complex disorders is largely unknown. I will present our novel approach to detect genome-wide tandem repeat expansions. This approach has led to the identification of rare tandem repeat expansions contributing to autism spectrum disorder and other conditions. It provides a model to search for missing heritability in other complex disorders.

Dr. Ryan Yuen


Dr. Ryan Yuen is a Senior Scientist in Genetics & Genome Biology Program at The Hospital for Sick Children, and an Assistant Professor in Department of Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on exploiting whole genomescanning methodologies to dissect the underlying genetic architecture in complex disorders.


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