Can-GARD/CCMG – The Leading Strand Series May 2023

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This series is for genetics health professionals led by the Canadian College of Medical Genetics and co-sponsored by Can-GARD. Speakers will be translation-focused researchers, clinicians and innovators.  The series will help attendees anticipate, access, and apply new approaches and technologies for patient care.

The Health Impact Of Founder Mutations In The French Canadian Population Of Quebec: A Historical Perspective

We will review the demographic history of the European settlement of Quebec. We will discuss the major regional differences in settlement histories. We will demonstrate how demographic and historical factors have influenced the differential frequencies of genetic conditions in Quebec in particular of neurogenetic diseases.

Learning objective:

Consider the impact of shared genetic heritage on the different regional frequencies of genetic diseases in Quebec.

Speaker: Dr. Bernard Brais


Bernard Brais MD MPhil PhD is a neurogeneticist and historian of medicine, Professor of Neurology and Genetics at McGill University and Director of the Rare Neurological Diseases group of the Montreal Neurological Institute. His research largely focuses on the genetic basis of rare neuromuscular disorders with founder effects in Quebec. He has played an leading role in the identification of the first mutations in the genes responsible for Oculopharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy (OPMD, PABPN1), Hereditary Sensory and Sensory Neuropathy type 2A (HSAN2A, WNK1), Limb girdle muscular dystrophy Recessive 12 (LGMDR12, ANO5), Hypomyelinating Leukodystrophy types 7 and 8 (HLD7 and HLD8, POLR3A and POLR3B), Dominant NAGLU neuropathy, congenital core ZAK myopathy and FGF14/SCA27B GAA repeat expansion in late ataxias.


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