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About this series – Telehealth for Genetics Residents and Fellows. A monthly teaching session brought to you by the members of the RCPSC Specialty Committee in Medical Genetics.

Dr. Jessica Zambonin
Emerging therapeutics for the treatment of Angelman syndrome
• Describe the clinical presentation Angelman syndrome and genetic mechanisms leading to the condition
• Discuss approach to treatment of rare monogenic diseases based on disease mechanism
• Review emerging gene therapy approaches to Angelman syndrome

Target audience: Trainees
CanMEDS Roles: Medical Expert (the integrating role), Health Advocate, Professional

Dr. Jessica Zambonin is a clinical geneticist working at the Provincial Medical Genetics Program in Vancouver BC. I am involved in the Angelman Syndrome Clinic at BC Children’s Hospital in collaboration with the Division of Neurology. We are currently part of the Angelman Syndrome Natural History Study based out of Boston Children’s Hospital and are working towards implementing gene therapy in our clinic.


October 21 – UBC
November 18 – TBD
December 16 – Ottawa
January 20 – Calgary
February 17 – McGill
March 17 – TBD
April 14 – Toronto
May 19 – Manitoba
June 16 – Montreal

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