The Canadian College of Medical Geneticists prepares and administers examinations to certify individuals who provide services in medical genetics.

Candidates from all specialities who have been successfully reviewed by the CCMG's Credentials Committee must submit an Examination Registration Form (available soon) along with payment for the examination by January 15 of the examination year.

New CCMG ad hoc Examination Reform Committee - Final recommendations and implementation plan

Genetic Conditions List 2017

CCMG General Knowledge Study Guide

Clinical Genetics Exams

As of 2012, the Clinical Genetics exams are harmonized with the Royal College Clinical Genetics exams and are held annually in Ottawa, Ontario.  Information regarding the Royal College examinations can be found at the following links:

Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics and Biochemical Genetics Exams

 The examinations are held every two years on the even years.


  1. Written and practical examinations will be held together on site, over sequential days, immediately before the CCMG Annual Scientific Meeting/AGM. 
  2. These changes will be implemented starting in 2016 (Friday June 17 and Saturday June 18). 
  3. Examination papers will be available in both official languages and candidates may choose to respond in either language.  As they do currently, candidates will declare their preferred language at the time of registration for the examination cycle. 
  4. Examinations will continue to be offered every two years for the foreseeable future, but this may be reassessed once the new format has been evaluated.   
  5. Candidates who hold FCCMG in one specialty and are sitting a second specialty examination will be exempt from writing the general paper. Candidates who hold FCCMG or FRCPC in medical genetics are exempt from sitting the general examination.
  6. Candidates who previously passed the written exams AND are sitting the practical examinations in 2016 as a SECOND ATTEMPT, will be EXEMPT from both written papers  (general and specialty). 
  7. Commencing with the 2016 cycle, all candidates who are unsuccessful on their first attempt at the combined certifying examination but who PASS the general exam component will NOT be required to re-write the general exam component when they repeat the exam.


Day 1 morning: 
Specialty Written Examination:

  • 3-hour written examination using short-answer and longer-answer questions to evaluate knowledge/theory content based on the objectives in the Specialty Training Guidelines.
  • Some questions may involve interpretation of complex data/analysis.

Day 1 afternoon: 
General Written Examination: 

  • All candidates (except those sitting a second subspecialty – see #5 above) are required to take the General written examination.  
  • 3-hour evaluation using multiple choice and short-answer questions to evaluate content based on the general knowledge training objectives and following the General Knowledge Exam Blueprint. 
  • All MCQs will have single response answers with 4 – 5 options/distracters. 
  • All SAQs will involve only single word or single sentence responses that are not subjective.

Day 2: 
Specialty Practical Examination:

  • 3 - 4 hour examination to assess skills (technical, analysis, communication, management etc.) based on objectives from the Specialty Laboratory Training Guidelines
  • Objective Structured Laboratory/Practical Examination (OSLE/OSPE) stations.
  • Each station will be 15 – 30 minutes in duration, and the exam will consist of 6 – 8 stations.  Tasks at each station will be designed to fit the allotted time. 


Successful individuals are admitted into the College as Fellows.  Detailed information about the CCMG  Examination process for laboratory fellows-in-training can be downloaded here.

Copies of past CCMG written laboratory specialty examinations are available here.

Molecular, Biochemical, Cytogenetics Candidates: Registration Form Availabel Soon
Clinical Candidates: Download your Examination Registration Form here.

Exam dates

Clinical Genetics

Examination dates and times are subject to change. Confirmation will be provided in the candidates’ appointment letter approximately one month before the examination.

Please note: Due to the complexity of scheduling examinations, individual candidate schedules (time and date) to attend the examination cannot be changed or altered.

Registration is at 08:15 for the AM session from 09:00 to 12:00
is at 13:15 for the PM session from 14:00 to 17:00

*Registration: February 1, 2017
Written: Spring regional centres May 2 and May 3
Osce: May 19, 2017 (La Cité Collégiale, 801 Aviation Parkway, Ottawa)

*Registration deadline: To successfully register for an examination, applicants are responsible for ensuring that the RCPSC receives a completed registration form on or before the date advertised for that specific examination. To facilitate this process, applicants are advised to request the registration form as early as possible. Registrations for the 2017 spring examinations will not be accepted after the deadline date of February 1, 2017. There will be no exceptions.

Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics and Biochemical Genetics

Registration: January 15, 2017
Written: June TBD, 2018
Osce: June TBD, 2018


  • Date of Written Examinations:  Date TBD 2018
  • Examination Location:  TBD
  • Times:
    • Arrival: Be sure to arrive by 8:30 am in order to leave enough time for everyone to register
    • Specialty Examination:  9 am – 12 pm
    • General Examination:  1 – 4 pm
  • Meals: Non provided.
  • OSLE: Another appointment letter for the OSLE (Objective Structured Laboratory Examination) component of your examination will be sent as soon as the timetable has been finalized.  The OSLEs will take place on TBD 2018.  The candidates will be asked to meet at a certain time at a location site and then guided to their examination site.
  • RESULTS: We will notify you by email with the results of your examination.
  • MAPS (TBA)