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2017-05-08 - Choosing Wisely Canada

Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question


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2015-07-19 - Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) genetic testing in this country

As the voice of Medical Genetics professionals in Canada, CCMG has written a letter, to the Honourable Rona Ambrose, P.C., M.P, Health Canada, to express our concerns with the lack of legislation pertaining to Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) genetic testing in Canada, and the risks this creates for Canadians and the Canadian healthcare system.

Click here to download a copy of the letter.

2015-04-27 - Dr. Judith Hall Inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame


The CMHF recognizes and celebrates individuals in medicine whose work has advanced human health and inspires the pursuit of careers in the health sciences. His/her work may be a single meritorious contribution or a lifetime of superior accomplishments. Pioneers in their field, they are role models to young Canadians who wish to pursue careers in health science and a source of inspiration for all Canadians to celebrate the important contributions made by Canadians to global health.

2015-02-06 - Dr. Charles Scriver

On the cover: Charles R. Scriver, M.D., President, American Society of Human Genetics, 1986. Since his birth in 1930, Charles R. Scriver has dedicated nearly his entire life in Montreal to making major contributions to the way we understand, detect, and manage inborn errors of metabolism.  Read More...


2013-06-14 - CCMG finds Supreme Court Decision on Gene Patents a Step in the Right Direction

CCMG Official Statement on Gene Patents

“In order for Canadians to continue to benefit from the advances of basic and clinical research in health and medicine resulting from the study of the human genome, cost effective health care and optimal interpretation of clinical investigations are needed.  The patenting of DNA and RNA sequences has, and will further, greatly limit the ability of our patients to benefit from progress in the area of human genetics, especially as knowledge continues to rapidly expand with the development of high throughput genomic technologies.  The intention of this document is to highlight the need for a detailed legislative revision of patent laws as they apply to the human genome.” The CCMG Statement on Gene Patents [Clinical Genetics 2012; Volume 82, Issue 5, pages 405–407).

 2013-06-13 - US Supreme Court Decision 

DNA is a product of nature and not patent eligible

No. 12–398. Argued April 15, 2013—Decided June 13, 2013

2012-08-20 - Judgment rendered in patent dispute

Gene patents prevail in a landmark case over two genes associated with hereditary forms of breast and ovarian cancer.