Practice Guidelines, Position Statements, Surveys and Reports

Practice Guideline

Document Title/Purpose Date of Publication/Revision Committee Copyright Download
CCMG Guidelines For Retention of: A) Cytogenetic Specimens and Genetic Records B) Molecular Specimens and Genetic Records Mar 2021 Laboratory (Cytogenetics) CCMG PDF
CF Testing / Screening. Under revision Laboratory (Molecular) CCMG epub PDF
Cytogenetic Analysis B: Recommendations for the Indications, Analysis and Reporting of Constitutional Specimens. Mar 2021 Laboratory (Cytogenetics) CCMG epub PDF
Cytogenetic FISH Guidelines (CLSI). October 2021 Laboratory (Cytogenetics) CCMG PDF
DNA Banking. Nov 2020 Laboratory (Molecular) CCMG epub PDF
Genomic Microarray Testing – CCMG Guidelines Jan 2016 Laboratory (Cytogenetics) CCMG PDF
Laboratory Guidelines for Next-Generation Sequencing May 2019 CCMG CCMG Link
Maintaining Competence For Laboratory Geneticists Sept 2011 Laboratory (General) CCMG PDF
New CCMG ad hoc Examination Reform Committee – Final recommendations and implementation plan Sep 2014 Examination Reform (ad hoc) CCMG PDF
Opinion for Reproductive Genetic Carrier Screening: An Update for All Canadian Providers of Maternity and Reproductive Healthcare in the Era of Direct-to-Consumer Testing Aug 2016 CCMG/SOGC SOGC Journal Publication Link
Practice Guideline: Recommendations for the use of chromosome microarray for prenatal diagnosis in Canada Mar 2018 Prenatal Microarray (ad hoc) CCMG/SOGC Publication Link
No. 348-Joint SOGC-CCMG Guideline: Update on Prenatal Screening for Fetal Aneuploidy, Fetal Anomalies, and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Sept 2017 CCMG/SOGC PDF
Clinical application of fetal genome-wide sequencing during pregnancy: position statement of the CCMG Feb 2021 Fetal Exome WG CCMG PDF
Practice guidelines for BRCA1/2 tumour testing in ovarian cancer Oct 2022 Somatic BRCA WG CCMG PDF
Guideline for the Reporting of Significant Laboratory Results in Biochemical Genetics Dec 2022 Metabolics CCMG PDF

Position Statements

Document Title/Purpose Date of Publication Committee Copyright Download
CCMG Statement on Gene Patents Oct 2012 CCMG E2P2 Committee Clinical Genetics Link
CCMG Statement on Germline Variant Classification Apr 2017 Column 3 Value 2 CCMG PDF
Choosing Wisely Canada 2016 CCMG E2P2 Committee CCMG PDF
Genetic Non-Discrimination Act Jun 2018 CAGC CAGC PDF
Genetic Testing in Children Feb 2022 CPS CPS Link
Points to Consider: Resuming Genetic Services in a Pandemic Aug 2020 CCMG E2P2 Committee CCMG epub PDF
The clinical application of genome-wide sequencing for monogenic diseases in Canada May 2015 CCMG link
Genetic and metabolic investigations for
neurodevelopmental disorders: position statement of
the Canadian College of Medical Geneticists
January 2023 CCMG Neurodevelopmental Disorders Working Group CCMG PDF

Surveys, Reports, Other

Document Title/Purpose Date of Publication Committee Copyright Download
Biochemical Genetics TAT, Sample and Record Retention Survey results Oct 2014 CCMG Laboratory Practice Committee CCMG PDF
Biochemical Genetics Lab Test Turn-Around Time and Sample/Record Retention Survey
Performed and Summarized by: David Sinasac, PhD FCCMG
Nov 2013 CCMG Laboratory Practice Committee CCMG PDF
Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders released Canada’s Strategy for Rare CORD CORD PDF
Report on Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis in Canada – Jan 2010 ad hoc PGD CCMG/SOGC, CFAS, CAGC PDF
Tips & Tricks to Get Your Section 3 Credits E2P2 CCMG PDF
Lab Practice Brochure E2P2 CCMG PDF

CCMG Policies & TORs

Document Title/Purpose Date of Publication Committee Copyright Download
CCMG Committees Nov 2015 BOD CCMG PDF
CCMG Document Generation Process May 2018 BOD CCMG PDF
CCMG Document Style Guidelines May 2018 BOD CCMG PDF
CCMG Emeritus TOR Mar 2017 Nominations CCMG PDF
CCMG Endorsement Policy Dec 2018 BOD CCMG PDF
CCMG Genetic and Genomic Diagnostics (GGD) Training Program, Ad Hoc Working Group TOR Jul 2018 Training CCMG PDF
CCMG Leave of Absence Policy Jan 2016 BOD CCMG PDF
CCMG Nomination Process Jul 2019 Nominations CCMG PDF
CCMG Policy on Electronic Communication Mar 2017 BOD CCMG PDF
CCMG Reinstatement Policy Nov 2016 BOD CCMG Policy

Reinstatement Form

CCMG Speaker Reimbursement Policy Dec 2019 BOD CCMG PDF
CCMG Letters of Support Jul 2015 Policies & Bylaws CCMG PDF

Genetic and Genomic Diagnostics (GGD) Training Program, Ad Hoc Working Group

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