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Roche KAPA HyperExome V2 in routine whole-exome sequencing Speaker: Dr. rer. nat. Christian Betz

Dr. Betz, as a distinguished scientist and Head of Molecular Genetics at Bioscientia, will present “Roche KAPA HyperExome V2 in routine whole-exome sequencing.” With his expertise in whole-exome sequencing (WES), attendees will understand how advanced NGS technologies such as the KAPA HyperExome V2 Probes, including laboratory automation such as the AVENIO Edge System, can contribute to further advancements in the field of human genetics.

Dr. rer. nat. Christian Betz, Head Molecular Genetics – NGS / R&D , Bioscientia (Ingelheim, Germany)

1998: PhD Molecular Biology Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany
1998-2000: Post-Doc University of Florida
2001-2005: Head Genomic Services, MWG Biotech (Ebersberg, Germany)
2005-2008 Head R&D, Ocimum Biosolutions (USA, India)
2008-2011: Director Tech Transfer, GeneLogic (Gaithersburg, MD, USA)
2012-2013: Head NGS lab, GATC (Konstanz, Germany)
2014-current: Head Molecular Genetics – NGS / R&D , Bioscientia (Ingelheim, Germany)

Launch into your next breakthrough with the KAPA EvoPrep and KAPA EvoPlus V2 library preparation workflows Speaker: Jo-Anne Penkler

Precision healthcare and personalized medicine rely on research towards precise variant detection, facilitated by library preparation and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). However, current library preparation methods present challenges, including laborious workflows, error-prone handling steps, and compatibility issues with low-input clinically-relevant samples. These issues often lead to the introduction of artifactual errors, compromising data accuracy.

Today, we introduce the KAPA EvoPrep Kit and the KAPA EvoPlus V2 Kit, innovative library preparation workflows designed to overcome these limitations. These workflows integrate stable ReadyMixes, the KAPA EvoT4 DNA Ligase, which is engineered to increase ligation efficiency, and additional plated reagent formats to enhance automatability, streamline processing and minimize turnaround time. Additionally, extensive buffer formulation optimizations have been implemented to reduce error rates and artifact formation.

In this presentation, we demonstrate the exceptional performance of these novel library preparation kits across both whole genome and targeted sequencing applications. Our evaluation includes diverse sample inputs, such as plasma cfDNA and Formalin-Fixed Paraffin Embedded Tissue (FFPET) DNA, showcasing the adaptability and reliability of these workflows for clinically-relevant research.

Join us as we unveil the next generation of library preparation solutions, poised to elevate the accuracy and efficiency of variant detection in precision healthcare and personalized medicine research.

Jo-Anne Penkler Sub-Chapter Lead – Sequencing Workflows and Applications

Jo-Anne Penkler heads the Sequencing Workflows and Applications Research Team at Roche Diagnostics, where she brings over a decade of expertise in pioneering sample preparation methods for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). After completing her Master of Science in Forensic Genetics in 2015, Jo-Anne swiftly joined the esteemed research team at KAPA Biosystems, where her journey in advancing genomic technologies commenced.
Throughout her career, Jo-Anne has been immersed in the dynamic landscape of NGS, orchestrating innovative solutions from the fundamental intricacies of buffer formulations to the strategic optimization of workflows. Her passion for pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery has evolved, now centered on application-driven initiatives aimed at revolutionizing early disease detection and monitoring.
With a keen eye on the future, Jo-Anne is dedicated to bridging the gap between research and clinical practice, harnessing the power of genomic technologies to pave the way for transformative advancements in healthcare.

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